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Top E-Liquid Brands & Flavours in the United Kingdom

One of the best things about vaping is the flavour. The better the flavour, the more enjoyable your vaping experience becomes. With innumerable e-liquid flavours and vape brands around, choosing the right flavour or brand might be quite tricky. You want to try a unique flavour but are unsure about how good the brand is. For a unique vaping experience, you can try from a wide range of flavours- right from menthol ad tobacco to dessert and fruit flavours.

Top 4 Best E-Liquid Brands

This blog presents a narrowed list of the leading UK e-liquid brands and flavours that you can’t afford to miss out on. The next time you feel adventurous and wish to try something different than normal, you can give the following brands and flavours a try!

Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys is hands down one of the best vape juice brands in the UK. If you’re a fan of fruity flavours, this e-liquid brand offers unique flavours – Congo Cream, Mangabeys, Kanzi, Puris, Tropika, and more. If you don’t like your e-liquid to be too sweet, the Kanzi is an OG flavour with nic salts and a hint of sweetness. Most of these flavours are offered in a 65VG/35PG mix and hence, can be used with practically all kinds of vape tanks, sub ohms,and Mouth to Lung devices.

Element E-Liquid

Element e-liquid has emerged as a leading e-liquid brand in the United Kingdom and the United States, primarily because of its delightful range of e-liquid flavours. Having won accolades for their consistently high-quality range of flavours, Element e-liquid are a hit among sub-ohm vapers. The e-liquids come in different PG/VG ratios, with most of them having more than 50% VG ratio and nicotine levels of 0, 3, and 6 mg. The brand offers an exhaustive range of flavours that are simple yet delicious.

Wick Liquor

Wick Liquor is yet another leading vape juice brand in the UK that offers a rather delicate and boutique approach to e-liquids. While the brand does not offer more than four flavours currently, it is known to give e-liquids a complex and fruity touch that will bound to grab your attention. You can choose from their fruit flavours – Boulevard, Carnival, Contra, and Bouevard Shattered (with a tinge of menthol). Each of these flavours has a unique combination of fruits and methol, along with offering salt nicotine juicesof varying quantities. The nicotine salts come in 50/50 PG/VG while the others are available at 80% VG.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

We’ll end the list with Charlie’s Chalk Dust, included in the best e-liquid brands and flavours in the UK. The first thing you’ll notice about the brand’s e-liquid bottles is its packaging, which looks clean, subtle, yet stunning. Drama Swirl (apricot pastry), Mustache Milk (milk and apple cinnamon), Big Berry (blueberry and watermelon) are available in white bottles, while the black label range includes Slam Berry (strawberries and milk), Jam Rock (sour apple), and Sweet Dream (creamy vanilla). The flavours come in varying PG/VG ratios, with most above 60% VG.

The Panther Series

Explore a range of fruity flavours with the Panther Series. Available in eight different flavours, the Panther Series vape liquid is one of the most popular and sought after by vape lovers. It is not just the e-liquid striking flavours that make this brand unique, but also the attractive colours and packages that these juices come in! If you prefer sweet flavours, the Gold and Gold Ice flavours can make it the best e-liquid brand for you to vape all day long. You can choose Purple Ice, Purple, and Black if you love fruity flavours with an extra zing. The Pink, Pink Smoothie, and Pink Ice are ideal for those looking at sweet juices with a hint of candy and a splash of mint.

All eight flavours from the Panther Series are available in 50ml short fills, and 60ml and 120ml freebases. You can also choose to buy 10ml and 39ml nicotine salts for the best vaping experience.

Cocktail Time

For cocktail lovers, Cocktail Time is the right blend of fruit juices and added flavours to keep vape loves hooked! The Cocktail Time Blackcurrant Mojito flavour is one of the best e-liquids in the UK, popular for its earthy yet refreshing taste. Available in 30ml and 60ml sizes, the blackcurrant flavour makes up for an enjoyable and delightful experience with the ultimate kick of blackcurrant berries.  One of the latest creations by Dr.Vapes, Cocktail Time is available in VG/PG ratio of 78%/22% with 60ml freebases.

The Pink Series

The Pink Series represents all things candy, offered by Dr.Vapes in three flavours- Pink Sour, Pink Colada, and Pink Candy. For vapers who are picky about sweet flavours can buy the ultimate Pink Candy made of blackcurrant, cotton candy, and hard candy flavours. The Pink Sour offers an ideal mix of the sweet and sour vaping experience, while the Pink Coloada is for those looking for the best cocktail e-liquid. Dr.Vapes offers the Pink Series in 30ml short fills, and 60ml and 120ml freebases. Apart from freebase liquids, the Pink Series is also available in nic salts of 10ml and 30ml.  For vapers who love a balance of sweet and sour flavours in vape juices, the Pink Series is sure to meet your expectations. Flavours of pineapple, cotton candy, hard candy, coconut cream, blackcurrant, and a splash of ice make the Pink Series one of the best e-liquid brands in the UK.

The Bubblegum King

The Bubblegum Kind e-liquid is a beautiful combination of sweet and tangy flavours, with a hint of raspberry, sweet candy, and bubblegum. The Bubblegum King series is available in 30ml salts and 60ml freebase only but is offered in three unique and delightful flavours for vapers in the UK. The Bubbegum Kings Watermelon is a fruity blend of watermelon, candy, raspberry, and bubblegum. The Bubblegum Kings Original and Bubblegum Kings Original Ice take the vaping experience to a different level with jolting flavours added with a splash of ice.