Blue is the new Pink - Pink Frozen Remix has arrived!

Which flavour is Dr. Vapes releasing to keep your vape kits juiced up?

We are back with yet another amazing flavour release! We have been extremely busy in our labs cooking up delicious e-juices for you, with the release of Bubblegum Kings Watermelon Ice and Pomegranate Ice all wrapped, we thought we'd surprise you and drop one flavour before the end of the month. This is flavour received a lot of care and effort from the team, so let's get straight into it!


After the great success of Pink Remix, which was the perfect blend of our popular flavours Pink Candy and Pink Sour, we have once again partnered up with Bahrain's finest vape influencer and the face of Arab Vape; Nawaf! Pink Remix was initially inspired by Nawaf himself as he went out his way to mix the two flavours together. When he proposed the idea to us, we immediately fell in love so it only made sense to put pen to paper and make it part of The Pink Series. The release was at first limited to the Middle East, but due to high demand we released the 10ml, 10mg and 20mg variants back in August for the European market too.


We love surprising our fans and keeping them on the edge of their seat when it comes down our product releases. It was time to complete the remix but with a twist. We proudly present.. Pink Frozen Remix!

Pink Frozen Remix Explained

The lip-smacking candy-sour twist that you love just got FROZEN!

We’ve taken the original “Remix” to the next level by adding a blast of “frost” which adds an unmistakable cooling factor to every hit.

Hard hitting candy, sour undertones, all shaken up in a blackcurrant soft-drink base... with added FROST now.

To keep things interesting, the colour of Frozen Pink Remix is now blue to resemble the coldness of the frost. Anybody that is a fan of their icy flavours will instantly fall in love with this juice.

To get the most out of this juice we highly recommend pairing it up with The Drip Tank for scrumptious and long lasting flavour.

You can't call this flavour "ice" or "cold" this is different...this is FROZEN.

- Nawaf

What else do we have planned?

Now in the last week we have released THREE brand new flavours for everyone to enjoy. We are probably expected to stop here, but we are far from done. From next week, we have a huge campaign that we are going to execute which will some major changes in The Panther Series. Some fan favourites are getting a major revamp so make sure you stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for the latest news regarding this revamp!

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