Pomegranate and Watermelon Ice Are Here To Cool You Down — Bubblegum Kings Is Back!

Which flavour is Dr. Vapes releasing to keep your vape kits juiced up?

As you know we don’t like to sit still at Dr. Vapes! One of the things that keeps us going is being able to innovate and create fantastic products for all of you to enjoy. As a way to keep you informed around our latest innovations, news and products we’ve made a commitment to update all of you via news articles that will take a closer look at each of our releases and our thoughts on all things vape related. With that being said, let's get straight into it!

It’s only been a year since we’ve launched Bubblegum Kings yet the response so far has been absolutely unbelievable! It was our first attempt at creating something as part of our “Brands by Dr. Vapes” initiative. Bubblegum Kings was made in association with the well known and followed vape reviewer “SDF” who is based out of Kuwait.



When working on this flavour we had several conversations about the type of flavours we liked, our individual preferences and also what was missing as far as unique profiles were concerned. It was when we asked SDF what everyday flavours he enjoyed when he mentioned a classic bubblegum flavour that was simply missing. No one had nailed this profile down (yet) and so it was settled - from here we set out to create for him the ultimate bubblegum profile. After several months of testing and trialling we were ready to crown the “King” of the Bubblegum flavour range…and just like that Bubblegum Kings was born.



For every message we receive about our flavours one of the most frequent messages go something like this “I love bubblegum kings, especially the pomegranate and watermelon but are you going to make an ice version?” - Today we’re proud to announce that YES we are introducing both the Pomegranate and Watermelon ice versions! Let's skip to the part where you can get your hands on our newest ice variants here

Bubblegum Kings Watermelon Ice


"The watermelon bubblegum flavour is back with a BANG!

This time... we're cooling things off with a dose of ice to lace the punchy sweetness that comes with the juicy watermelon bubblegum mix."

The flavour profile below shows how the mixture of Bubblegum, Watermelon and Ice is blended together perfectly to achieve the wonderful taste and sweetness this juice provides.






Bubblegum Kings Pomegranate Ice

"The juicy bubblegum flavour everyone enjoys with a wildly tasty pomegranate twist…BUT WAIT! We’ve thrown in a dash of ice to create that signature cooling taste.

Enjoy those tarty peaks combined beautifully with the sweetness of ripe pomegranates backed up by the perfect dose of ice."

To get the most out of this juice we highly recommend pairing it up with The Drip Tank for scrumptious and long lasting flavour.

"There are words like 'good, nice or tasty' - these can't begin to describe just how beautifully balanced this bubblegum flavour is"

- Omar from Dr. Vapes

What are our future plans for this line?

Going forward, we have loads planned for our beloved Bubblegum Kings. We have just released Pomegranate Ice, but we're not stopping there. In the upcoming few weeks, we have another huge announcement that we can't wait to share with you guys. We constantly try to find new ways to improve our products and the perfect flavour that will suit everyones needs. For now, the guys at the office are loving Pomegranate Ice, but make you sure stay tuned our social media accounts and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out any announcement!

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