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The Drip Tank®

The Drip Tank by Dr. Vapes is the finest innovation yet! Imagine changing coils without getting your hands messy? Imagine changing the flavour you're vaping without having to buy a whole new tank? Imagine having multiple tanks for different flavours? We've got the answer! Dr. Vapes would like to Proudly Present... The Drip Tank®.

The Panther Series

The Panther Series was created from the huge success of Pink, also known as “The Pink Panther”. The Panther Series was launched in the Middle East and has fast become a favourite brand to many vapers worldwide and is now also sold around the world, with a total of seven flavours available. Pink Smoothie was released as a Limited Edition, but due to high demand it’s here to stay, also winning Third Best E-Liquid of 2019!

The Pink Series

Over the years, our superbly popular Pink Panther has been close to vaper’s hearts across the globe. We cannot put into words our appreciation for your loyalty, so we’ve decided to gift our patients by working extremely hard to develop 3 unique remixes of it. 

The Doctors here proudly present… “The Pink Series”.

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