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The Panther Series Desserts


Introducing The Panther Series Desserts. A brand-new range created by your favourite Doctors, with you in mind. From Classical childhood favourites with unicorn strawberry milk, school-time vibes with Black vanilla custard, as well as a distinguishable go-to serving of our Lotus cheesecake, we've got your sweet tooth covered. Enjoy a balanced vaping experience of the most popular and nostalgic flavours to date.

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The Panther Series


Our world famous Panther Series is the collection that put Dr Vapes on the map. This multiple award winning range consists of 5 iconic flavours; Pink, Purple, Blue, Black and Gold. Each premium quality nic salt and e-liquid flavour is based on classic tastes that have been rigorously tried and tested by industry experts before being put into production. From earthy, rich tobacco to indulgent syrupy deliciousness, you’re guaranteed to find your favourite Panther.

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Experience the beauty of nature with our Gems range of mineral-rich vape juice. Expertly crafted from precious gemstones discovered in a hidden cave, these liquid treasures are the perfect way to elevate your vaping experience. Take a deep inhale of our fruit-filled flavors and be transported to a place of serenity and inner peace with every puff. Our Gems range is designed to deliver a total mind and body experience, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a touch of luxury.

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