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The Panther Bar 600 has arrived. Purchase yours today! Enjoy free shipping on UK orders over £20 and international orders with e-liquids over £100

Tips for Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Nearly 70% of adult smokers say they want to quit smoking, but many of us find it extremely difficult. As former smokers ourselves, we know how hard it can be to kick the habit. Tactics like using chewing gum, joining support groups, and nicotine replacement therapy can be useful, but many smokers miss the sensation of puffing on cigarettes.

Switching to vaping e-cigarettes is a great way to quit smoking because it replaces the nicotine and smoking sensation that smokers miss. Many studies have suggested that vaping can be effective at helping people quit and we can certainly see the benefits.

However, it's not as simple as substituting cigarettes for e-cigarettes, and there are some important things to consider when using vaping to quit. So, we've put together this guide to share our tried and tested tips to help you make the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. 

Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes that some smokers make when they switch to vapes is choosing a vape device that is too complicated. Vapes are higher maintenance than smoking tobacco cigarettes, and this can sometimes become frustrating to smokers. If your e-cigarette is complicated to use and requires a lot of maintenance, such as replacing coils, cleaning tanks, and more, you'll find yourself tempted to go back to smoking cigarettes instead. 

For former smokers who need quick nicotine hits to satisfy those cravings in the first weeks after they quit smoking, simple and easy vapes are a good choice. To keep things as simple as possible, one option is to start vaping disposable e-cigarettes such as the Elf Bar or Geekvape disposable vapes. Pocket friendly, pre-filled with e-liquid, and pre-charged, these vapes are extremely convenient and easy to use on the go. This makes disposable e-cigarettes a great substitution to regular cigarettes.

We may be a little biased, but for the best disposable vaping experience we'd recommend the Dr Vapes Geek Bars, our collaboration with Geekvape. Pairing top quality Geek Bar disposable e-cigarettes with our premium e-liquid in five mouth watering flavours, these vapes are a great way to help you quit. 

Or, if you're looking for something a bit more permanent than disposable vapes, we stock some great starter vape kits that are beginner-friendly but more powerful and durable than disposables. This way you can still get a great and cost-effective mouth to lung vaping experience without the hassle of more advanced vaping products. 

Make sure you are using the right nicotine strength 

In the first few days and weeks of trying to quit smoking, the nicotine cravings can be rough. That's why it's important for new vapers to make sure that you're smoking e-cigarettes with the right nicotine levels to satiate those cravings. 

It might take a little bit of experimentation to figure out the strength you need, but here's a general guide to how much nicotine you need from your e-cigarette when you quit. 

  • 1-5 cigarettes a day = 5mg/ml or 0.5%
  • 6-10 cigarettes a day = 10mg/ml or 1.0%
  • 11-20 cigarettes a day = 20mg/ml or 2.0%
  • 20+ cigarettes a day = 30mg/ml or 3.0%

Once you've found the right nicotine strength, don't forget that you'll need to start reducing your usage to help you quit. You can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you consume until it's at a low level or even go completely nicotine-free.

Consider nicotine type

As well as considering the strength of the nicotine you're vaping from your e-cigarette, it's important to consider the form in which you are consuming it. E-liquid can come with a few different types of nicotine in it, and these different types can provide a different experience from vaping. 

Shortfills are one form of vape liquid where the nicotine-free e-juice comes in a larger bottle with space to mix in nicotine shots to your desired strength. These are a good option when trying to quit because they make it easy to customise how much nicotine you get from your e-cigarette. 

Nic Salts are another option. Nicotine salt e-liquids contain a form of nicotine found naturally in tobacco plants combined with benzoic acid or citric acid which neutralises the alkaline nicotine. Thanks to this formulation, nicotine from nic salts are absorbed more quickly into the body, providing instant satisfaction. The neutralised form means that nic salts also provide a milder throat hit than freebase nicotine, so former smokers can vape frequently enough to satisfy cravings without experiencing discomfort.

Freebase nicotine e-liquid is the most traditional form of vape juice and contains nicotine that is closest to its original form. Because of UK and EU regulations, freebase nicotine e-liquid is not available to buy in these countries. 

The choice of nicotine type is up to the vaper, but for people trying to quit smoking we'd recommend choosing nicotine salts. This is because their chemical structure allows rapid absorption of nicotine into your bloodstream, causing a faster nicotine hit more similar to that of smoking a cigarette. 

If you're not sure which type of nicotine you need to help you quit, all Dr Vapes e-liquids are available as nic salts or shortfills so you can try both or pick whichever you prefer. 

Take your time

Some smokers find it hard to switch instantly from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes, so it can be helpful to gradually make the transition. You might try swapping out smoking for e-cigarettes once or a few times a day to slowly quit. This is sometimes referred to as 'dual use'.

Get excited about e-liquids

One of the biggest benefits of vaping over smoking is the huge range of exciting e-liquid flavours for e-cigarette users to choose from. In the past ten years or so we've seen an explosion of amazing e-liquid flavours coming onto the market, meaning that there are countless amazing flavours for e-cigarette users to sample.

You might like to keep it simple and pick a Tobacco flavour or refreshing menthol Mint to keep the experience close to smoking when you quit. Or, you might prefer a fruity blend, a dessert-inspired sweet taste, or a refreshing ice-blasted flavour. There's something for everyone, so browse our range of different e-liquids and find your favourites. 

With vape kits, it's easy to change your e-juice frequently so you'll never get bored of the flavour. 

Make sure you're vaping effectively 

When you start vaping, you might find yourself trying to vape the same way you'd smoke a cigarette with quick short puffs. However, the best way to get great results from your vape is to take long soft inhales with breaks in between. E-cigarettes have no time limit so many vapers leave a few minutes between each puff. 

When you first make the switch to e-cigarettes, it's easy to vape too much. It takes around 30 seconds to feel the effect of a draw so remember that you may not be able to vape as frequently as you would smoke.

Keep a spare e-cigarette

If you choose a rechargeable vape kit, it's a good idea to make sure you have a spare disposable vape to use while it's charging or in case you run out of e-liquid. This will make you less tempted to reach for a cigarette when your vape is out of action. 


With the rise of vaping and the incredible technology and e-liquid formulations that have come onto the market in recent years, it's easier than ever before to quit smoking. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, according to Public Health England, and it has been a game-changer for countless ex-smokers including us at Dr Vapes. 

To make the transition as easy as possible, we pride ourselves on the award-winning premium e-liquids and vape hardware we've created that will help people fall in loving with vaping and never look back.

So, to start your vaping journey, follow these tips and feel free to check out our vape kits and disposable vapes

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