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The Panther Bar 600 has arrived. Purchase yours today! Enjoy free shipping on UK orders over £20 and international orders with e-liquids over £100
The Panther Bar 600 has arrived. Purchase yours today! Enjoy free shipping on UK orders over £20 and international orders with e-liquids over £100

Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape 550mah

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There's no doubt in the Doctor's mind that if you're looking for an extremely pocket-friendly vape, then the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape is for you. Standing at just 66m high, there isn't a more convenient disposable vape on the market. Slip it into your purse or your pocket and away you go. 

The Lost Mary BM600 is designed for single-use and lasts up to 600 puffs which is more than a 20 pack of cigarettes. It is powered by a 550mAh battery, providing a seriously smooth MTL vaping experience. Inside every Lost Mary BM600 is 20mg of nicotine salt with a 2ml e-liquid capacity. 

On top of this, the Lost Mary BM600 is available in 12 different deliciously fruity flavours for you to try out! If you enjoy a cool, menthol kick try out the Blue Razz Ice. You'll get sweet and tart notes of blue raspberries on the inhale with icy menthol to tingle your taste buds on the inhale. Prefer a more sour vape? Try the Lost Mary Blueberry Sour Raspberry for a delicious concoction of sweet, juicy blueberries bursting with amazing flavour and sour raspberries that'll have you smacking your lips for more. The Lost Mary BM600 also comes in other fantastically fruity and fun flavours such as Double Apple for Triple Mango. Try yours today!


  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Blueberry
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Cotton Candy Ice
  • Double Apple
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • Marybull Ice
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Triple Mango
  • Triple Melon
  • Watermelon Ice

Lost Mary BM600 Parameters 

  • Size: 66 x 35 x 16mm
  • Battery: Built-in 550mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Hardware Brand: Elf Bar
  • Brand: Lost Mary

Lost Mary BM600 Features:

  • Beginner-friendly disposable vape device
  • 600 Puffs - Outlasts 20 Cigarettes
  • Inhale Activated
  • Amazing range of flavours
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • 2ml E-Liquid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a disposable vape?

Disposable vapes, otherwise known as disposables, are designed to be used for a limited period of time before being disposed of.. These vape devices are designed for convenience and portability, and are ideal for stress-free vaping. They come pre-filled with a specific flavour of e-liquid and come pre-charged so you can start vaping right away. Disposable vapes typically contain nic salt e-liquid, which provides a smoother and more satisfying vaping experience. However, if you're after something with a bit more customisability, check out our range of pod kits.

What are nic salts?

Nic salts are a type of e-liquid that contains nicotine in a salt form. They are different to other types of e-liquids, such as freebase nicotine, which contain nicotine in its purest form. Because of this, nicotine salts are absorbed faster in the bloodstream for a quicker nicotine hit. Nic salts are available in a variety of different strengths and are typically best for those who have just transitioned from smoking cigarettes. Nic salts can also be combined with shortfills, which are larger bottles of e-liquid that do not contain nicotine.

Nic salts are said to provide a smoother and more satisfying vape than other types of e-liquid, as the nicotine is absorbed into the body more slowly. This means that nic salts are perfect for those who are looking for a stronger hit of nicotine, but without the harshness that can sometimes be associated with freebase nicotine. The e-liquid that is in disposable vapes is nic salts, including Lost Mary disposables, so if you're an ex-smoker who is looking for a vape then these can be a great first venture in vaping. 

How many puffs does the Lost Mary BM600 have?

The Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape has 600 puffs in them. It is important to mention that due to TPD regulations, all disposables in the UK are allowed a maximum of 600 puffs.

What flavour of the Lost Marry BM600 Disposable Vapes is the best?

Vaping is very much a personal experience, so we recommend trying a few different flavours to see what ones make your taste buds happy. If you're yet to try out a disposable vape, we've taken a peek at the Doctor's notes to see which flavours they think are the best.

Top of the list is the Blueberry Razz flavour, sweet and tangy and perfect for an all day vape. Pink Lemonade is another favourite with its sweet, fizzy flavour profile! One taste and you will be transported to summertime picnics. The Cotton Candy Ice and Watermelon Ice are two well loved flavours by fans of Lost Mary as they provide the perfect balance between sweetness and a cool menthol hit.

No matter what Lost Mary Disposable you go for, we guarantee you will love it!