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Cloud Chasing vs Flavour Chasing

You don't need to have been in the vaping community for long to have come across one of the most divisive questions in the vape world: cloud chasing versus flavour chasing. 

With many vaping enthusiasts singing the praises of their preferred vaping style, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best.

That's why we've put together this guide to the differences between these two vaping hobbies. We'll look at the key differences between the two, as well as discussing the hardware, e-liquids, and techniques that are better for each. 

We'll also look at the pros and cons of each style of vaping to help our readers decide which is best for them. 

Whether you're new to both vaping styles or are an expert in one and are curious about the other, read on to find out more about cloud chasing and flavour chasing. 

Cloud chasing vaping

Cloud chasing is all about producing the hugest, densest clouds of vapour from your vape. Cloud chasers find it satisfying to blow big clouds and do vape tricks - there are even competitions for cloud chasing that originated out of the US West Coast where cloud chasing was born. 

Technique for cloud chasing

Cloud chasing takes some skill. Exhaling slowly and moving backwards while breathing out are common tricks to increase the size of your clouds. 

Creating the biggest clouds also requires a large lung capacity which some vapers are genetically blessed with. Others may train their lungs using breathing exercises and physical activity to increase the amount of vapour they can inhale and exhale. 

E-liquid for cloud chasers 

For cloud chasing you'll need a high VG e-liquid with a percentage of 70% VG or higher, such as the Dr Vapes Pink shortfill with a VG percentage of 78%. This is because VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is the ingredient in e-liquid that produces those massive clouds, so you'll need a juice that contains more of it. Cloud chasers often opt for e-liquid shortfills because these tend to have a higher VG ratio. 

Because cloud chasing requires a lot of vape juice to produce those huge clouds of vapour, you'll find that your e-cigarette is getting through e-liquid very quickly. Therefore, it's important to pick an e-liquid with a lower nicotine content to avoid accidentally consuming too much nicotine and feeling unwell, or experiencing an uncomfortable throat hit. 

Out of cloud chasing and flavour chasing, cloud chasing tends to be the more expensive hobby because of the higher power setups and larger amounts of vape juice required for it. 

Hardware for cloud chasing


Coils are one of the most important aspects of your vape for cloud chasing. The lower the coil resistance, the bigger your vape clouds will be. Sub-ohm coils are a must-have for cloud chasers, and many also opt for dual coil builds that help provide larger amounts of vapour. 

The style and material of coils can also contribute to cloud production. A higher surface area and increased contact with the wicking can help produce greater amounts of vapour, which is why many cloud lovers prefer Clapton Coils such as the Vaporesso GT Coils

Battery power

With low resistance coils for sub-ohming, powerful batteries are needed in your vape. Some cloud chasers will opt for high powered vape kits, vape mods, or mechanical mods. These have the most powerful batteries that can provide a high wattage to your coils in order to provide huge amounts of vapour. 

Many vape kits also will include variable wattage modes so you can use the perfect amount of power to get the biggest clouds from your coils. 

Although in the past cloud chasers needed high-powered unregulated mods (mech mods) to produce enough wattage for massive clouds, today regulated vape mods like the mods we stock at Dr Vapes are sufficient. 

Adjustable airflow

Cloud chasing vapers walk a fine line with airflow. Too little airflow will be insufficient for your low resistance coils, whereas too much airflow will lead to your clouds being large but thin. 

Pros and cons of cloud chasing

Cloud chasing is a popular hobby that many people enjoy. It's become a big part of the vape community, with cloud competitions and vape tricks inspiring many people to chase clouds. 

However, the downsides of cloud chasing is that it can become an expensive hobby because it requires high powered vaping devices and a lot of e-liquid. You'll need to clean your tank frequently because the highly viscous VG can leave gunk that coats the coils and reduces their lifespan.

It also can be considered a rude or anti-social form of vaping in public because of the huge vapour clouds, causing some cloud-chasing vapers to get a reputation. 

Flavour chasing vaping

Instead of looking to create huge clouds, flavour chasers are more concerned with the taste of their vapes. They enjoy trying different e-liquids and finding the perfect temperature to make different flavours shine. 

Technique for flavour chasing

One of the other techniques for getting the best flavours out of different e-liquids is adjusting the temperature using a temperature control (TC) vape kit such as the GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 to suit their flavour profile. It can take a little bit of experimentation to find the temperature that makes your e-liquids taste best - that's part of the fun! 

Another habit that can improve the flavour of your vape is taking care of your e-liquids properly. Many vape enthusiasts will store their vape juice in a dark, cool place, which helps keep the flavour fresh. Another technique is opening the cap for short amounts of time to let the liquid 'breathe'. 

Finally, cleaning your coil and vape tank can help improve the flavour when vaping. Fresh coils provide the best flavours so keeping them clean is a priority. 

E-liquid for flavour chasers 

For vapers who want to get the best flavours out of their vape, high PG e-liquids are often recommended. PG, or Propylene Glycol, is the thinner, transparent ingredient in e-liquid which carries the flavour of the juice. While technically 50/50 e-liquids are considered high-PG, flavour chasers will sometimes even go higher with PG percentages up to 60% or 70%. Flavour chasing vapers will sometimes opt for nicotine salts or e-liquid shortfills, depending on their preferences and vaping device.

Too high a VG content can alter the flavour of your vape because VG is slightly sweet. However, some flavour fans still opt for a vape juice with a high VG content because these produce more vapour that can carry the flavours. Instead of choosing these e-liquids purely to produce large amounts of vapour, flavour chasers will pick them because they allow great flavour production.

Hardware for flavour chasing

People who want a flavourful vape may opt for a range of different vapes. Some choose sub-ohm kits or rebuildable atomisers which can provide more potent flavours.


Coils made of kanthal and nickel are popular among flavour fans because they help create a clean flavour from your e-liquid. Flavour chasers tend to avoid stainless steel and titanium because of their slightly metallic flavour.

Many flavour chasers prefer to use Japanese organic cotton wicking materials instead of normal organic cotton wicks because these provide a clean and pure flavour. 

Adjustable airflow

Adjustable airflow is as important for flavour chasers as it is for cloud lovers. While cloud chasers want to get a lot of airflow, fans of flavour will restrict the airflow to produce a denser, warmer vape that allows the flavours to shine. 

Vape kits and mods

There are many different types of vape kits and mods that people use for flavour chasing vaping, but a key thing your vape needs to include is either variable wattage or temperature control. These allow you to change the temperature or amount of power for your vape coil to find the flavour sweet spot. 

Drip tip

Something else that can impact the flavour of your vape is the drip tip size. While cloud chasers prefer a wider bore drip tip, narrow ones are ideal for those looking to get the best flavour from their vape. 

Pros and cons of flavour chasing

Flavour chasing is a more discreet hobby than cloud chasing. While flavour chasers don't have competitions or vape tricks, it's still an enjoyable hobby for many vapers. Moreover, it can be more polite to do in public because it doesn't cause huge, annoying clouds. 

If you're getting into flavour chasing for the first time, beware of 'vaper's tongue'. This is where vapers will find themselves going off a particular type of e-liquid flavour or finding that their taste buds are losing sensitivity. To avoid this, it's a good idea to ensure that you frequently change your e-juice flavours. Like all types of vaping, we recommend doing it in moderation to get the best results.

Conclusion: clouds or flavour?

While cloud chasing and flavour chasing might seem like day and night, the Yin and Yang of the vaping world, the reality is quite different. Many vapers enjoy arguing that their preferred vape style is superior but in reality lots of us exist somewhere on a spectrum of preferring vapour or flavour. There's no need to choose one or the other - what's important is that you enjoy your vaping experience!

That said, if you're looking to commit to one or the other, we hope this ultimate guide has helped you learn the differences between hardware, e-liquids and technique for cloud and flavour chasing. 

If you're ready to get your head in the clouds or start experimenting with flavours, check out our range of vape kits and e-liquids today. 

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